Think Like an Engineer

Engineering instruction builds on students' natural problem-solving skills to prepare a future generation of critical thinkers. Our world depends upon engineers to design every aspect of our lives — where we live, what we drive, and how we communicate. It comes as no surprise that engineering exercises hold great value. Students learn how to navigate challenges by imagining, designing, creating, failing and improving their projects and then trying some more.

Engineering Design Process

The engineering design process requires students to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve.

The Engineering design process as a circular cycle.

Our highly trained instructional staff uses Engineering is Elementary (EIE), the nation's leading elementary engineering curriculum, to build our students' science and math skills as well as integrate science, engineering, and technology. Developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, this fun, flexible, inquiry-based curriculum is the heart of our Magnet Program and engages students in hands-on, cross-disciplinary activities that pose real-world challenges to boost 21st century skills like creativity and teamwork.

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