G.E.A.R. Spotlight


School Hours: 8:35 - 3:05 PM
Breakfast: 8:05 - 8:30 AM

Office Hours: 8:05-4:00 PM


National SECME Winmers!
These students engineered
an amazing mousetrap car

Hamilton Innovators compete
at the University of Central Florida



Family and community volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for our school while showing our children the importance of education. Not only will the school reap the benefits of your involvement — you will, too. Consider the many ways that you can be an important part of this incredible educational experience and contact our Family Liaison, Kay Boehart, at 407-320-6067 or kay_boehart@scps.k12.fl.us.

   Click Here for the D÷v÷dends School Volunteer Online Application.                                         


  Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
 We have an active PTA which sponsors many activities throughout the school year including Open House, Family Fun Nights, Celebrations and Book Fairs.
Library Media Center
Our parent volunteers assist with circulation, shelving and managing a state of the art Library Media Center.
School Advisory Council (SAC)
Each year, parents are elected to our School Advisory Council (SAC).  The purpose of the Council is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Principal and to assist in the development of the educational program, and in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan.
Classroom Volunteers
Our Dividend Volunteers listen to students read, help students in Art class, work with students on computers, and many other activities.
If you have 30 minutes
Eat lunch with your child
Help prepare classroom materials (Sharpen pencils, sort papers, etc.)
Donate books to the classroom library
 If you have an hour
Serve in the media center (shelve books, check out materials, etc.)
Listen to students read
Read to students
Help students in the Art room
Help students in the Project Based Learning (PBL) Lab
Help students in the Robotics Lab
Work with students on computers
Attend a monthly PTA meeting
Attend a monthly SAC meeting
Practice basic skills with children
If you have a several hours
Serve on the PTA Board
Help with Family Fun Nights and Magnet Events
Chaperone field trips