We are Innovators

Promote innovative thinking through discovery of real world opportunities that foster collaborative problem solving to pursue excellence in student achievement and preparedness for success in a technologically complex global society.

To provide all of our students with the necessary tools to Think Like an Engineer and solve problems independently.

Think Like an Engineer

Ms. Samelia Phillips

Assistant Principal
Ms. Sheleen Burgess

Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Michelle St. Amour

21st Century Administrator

Kenneth Bentley

PTA will be hosting a uniform swap this year.  Bring in your CLEAN uniforms (Solid colored collared shirts and khaki, navy, or black pants, skirts, or dresses; no holes or stains) to the music room any time before the end of school on May 27. You will receive a uniform swap receipt, which you can then bring on Thursday, May 28, 10:00-2:00, to the Music Room to "shop" for the next size up. There will be a limit of 4 outfits (top and bottoms) per child. We cannot guarantee sizes, but we will do our best to make sure that every child who participates gets at least one uniform. 5th graders, we would really appreciate your donations of your uniforms for the younger students to wear next year. Any leftover uniforms will be given to Mrs. Boehart for distribution to our students in the fall.

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